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09-11-2020, 06:31 AM -
Here is some information about our forums and its sections:

General Discussion
Each one of our games has its own General Discussion forum. Here, you can discuss anything related to the game - questions, debates, discussions, gameplay tips, tutorials and guides, etc. You can also post media (images, videos, etc.) to share with your fellow players.
You can find the forums here:
Introductions and Farewells
Are you new to our community? Tell us about yourself! If you would like to introduce yourself to the community, which is a fantastic idea, you may do so HERE: [url=]Introductions section.
We're a friendly bunch here at HG and we'd love to get to know you!

Leaving? We're sorry to hear that! Saying goodbye can be hard, especially when you've been a part of something for so long. Our Farewell section is where you can post a thread to announce your complete and indefinite absence from our community as a whole and say your goodbyes to the community. where you can follow the tradition and tag (mention) a few close friends as well.
Do not post a farewell if you're only leaving for a short time!

News and Community General

Our Announcements forum is where you can stay up to date with everything that happens in our community. This is the place where the official announcements are posted - game updates, big changes, events and more. It's a good idea to check this section from time to time to see if anything new happened.

We also have The LOUNGE, where you can find community-wide related threads - like this guide you're reading right now! We strongly recommend to go through the threads there and read them carefully to make sure you don't miss on something important.

Ban Appeals

Every player has the right to appeal a ban they were given.
First, to see why you were banned and for how long, simply visit the Ban List. After discovering why you were banned, if you wish to, click on the following form link:

Once filled, it will then be notified to our staff team, then directed towards the banning admin. If you still don't agree, you may re-appeal ONCE. From there, a higher admin will determine such appeal.

A serious offense such as hacking or blatant Mass RDM is likely to be denied whereas a first offense of RDM and leave would most likely be pardoned. There are exception, of course, but the outcome of the appeal depends on the case itself.


Players may file reports on other players who broke the rules, or on staff members who abused their powers. To do so, create a report against them by heading to:

Be sure to provide valid and undeniable evidence so the offender can truly be dealt with. Don't forget to consult the Server Rules to understand what the player has neglected.

While a minor and insignificant offense may seem like something you want to report, we encourage you not to do so as it takes valuable time away from staff members.

Staff Issues/Reports
If you have an issue you would like to bring up to the administration team of HG network you are more than welcome to file a complaint. All complaints will be dealt with seriously, and confidentially without retaliation. You may file a complaint at the following form:

Staff Applications

Do you wish to apply to our server staff team? Fantastic! Before you do so, however, you should read the HG Network Staff Handbook, which runs you through the basics and the requirements of applying for staff. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the community and befriend the players and the staff members. Why? This makes you known and if a staff member happens to have an enjoyable experience while playing with you, they are likely to support your application which improves your chances of being accepted. However, remember that you should never advertise it to them, or to anyone for that matter.
Form in development

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