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Discord Rules - admin - 09-13-2020

0. Golden Rule:
Treat others how you would like to be treated.
1. Spamming:
Do not commit any form of spamming e.g. mic-spamming, mass-tagging, many consecutive messages, etc.
2. Private Matters:
Do not discuss anything confidential with another user in public.
3. Channel Topics:
Do not talk about unrelated topics in specific channels e.g. talking about Rust in the DarkRP channel.
4. Impersonation:
Do not intentionally impersonate any other user in the server.
5. Doxing:
Do not release any private information about another user without their permission. Information that the user had sent publicly within HG Network in the past is fair game.
6. Explicit Content:
Do not send explicit images/links that include nudity, overt sexual imagery, morbidity, or anything that conflicts with Discord's Terms of Service: This criteria also applies to profile pictures.
7. Malicious Messages:
Do not exploit other users by sending malicious links or messages that specifically cause problems with Discord clients/computers.
8. Advertising:
Do not send links or images related to other communities, Discord servers, or websites with the intent of recruitment or promotion.